Like your favorite layered necklaces or shiny stacked rings, a statement ear cuff can really elevate even the simplest of outfits. It may feel a bit daunting at first, but these bold, yet super-wearable ear cuffs will soon take the place of your daily go-to hoop in no time.
It’s not your average piece of bijoux - and that’s exactly why we love it.
From a jewel-encrusted single snake earring to a bedazzled climber, these picks will have you putting down the look-at-me necklace for the statement ear cuff instead.

There’s a reason why Big chose a 5 carat black diamond stunner- aptly named the ‘Carrie’ ring- instead of any other typical ring out there. The color black in and of itself symbolizes power, strength, certainty and passion. Black diamond rings are the physical mark of a couple’s love, passion, and strength of their commitment to one another.


The conventional approach to engagement ring shopping is simple. You can go to any jewelry store and browse hundreds, if not thousands, of white diamond solitaire engagement rings. There will undoubtably be one that you may think is the typical idea of pretty. However, why not embrace your inner Carrie Bradshaw and opt for an intriguing alternative instead? Black diamonds are a sophisticated statement and express a confident attitude. 


Finely handcrafted in 18 ct. white gold, the ‘Carrie’ ring, a limited edition 5 carat round-cut black diamond is accented by 72 round brilliant cut natural diamonds. 



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